The intercollegiate intercultural A-JAM PROGRAM is open--by audition--to students from any of San Antonio's five Alamo Colleges. Auditions are held each November. During the spring semester, the A-JAM combo performs locally and is coached by regional professionals and visiting artists. One grand prize recipient is invited to the annual meeting of the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) in late June or early July, where s/he performs with fellow students from all over the world for one intensive week. The meetings are hosted by a different school each year. Singer Jeané Gaines, Northwest Vista College, participated in the IASJ meeting in São Paulo, Brazil in 2011 as the first A-JAM grand prize winner. You could be next!

IASJ Meeting 2011

IASJ Meeting 2011
IASJ Meeting, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2011 (Look for Jeane)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vista Faculty Jazz Ensemble - A-JAM Benefit!

The Vista Faculty Jazz Ensemble performs its semi-annual concert to benefit A-JAM on Monday, April 14 at 7 PM in the Recital Hall (107) of the Palmetto Center for the Arts at Northwest Vista College.

The stellar line-up features Al Gomez, trumpet; Morgan King, saxophone; Robynn Amy, trombone; Aaron Prado, piano; Jim Kalson, electric bass; Zlatan Redzic, double bass; Joe Caploe, drums, and Katchie Cartwright, voice.

Palmetto Center for the Arts at Northwest Vista College now has a distinguished jazz faculty who teach all of the major jazz instruments. This is a huge boon to students in the A-JAM program. You have opportunities to listen to and learn from all of these first-rate musician-teachers. The program aims to bring one of our adjunct faculty to the International Association of Jazz Education's IASJ international jazz meeting in Portugal in 2015.  

Where funds allow, the organization encourages member schools to bring three people to each meeting: a student, a member of the applied faculty, and a school representative. 

This unique mix of generations, nationalities, and musical backgrounds promotes a round trip culture of cooperation that extends beyond the annual jazz intensive, sometimes engendering milestone professional collaborations.

These meetings--and their preparation--can affect the San Antonio jazz community significantly, not only through local education at the community college level, but also through exposure to--and the opportunity to create friendships with--peers from all over the world. This is our only fundraiser for this specific purpose. Come and bring friends and family! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This blog's a resource!

Dearest A-JAMmies and interested parties!

Please use this blog as a resource. I've been posting items of  interest here for years. And the blog enables searching through of my posts. Use it! It contains lots of pertinent information.

For example, if you want to understand what "rhythm changes" are, just search the word "rhythm" within the blog. There are LOTS of links you can follow. Use it or lose it...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bass Student to Attend "World Cup of Jazz" in Cape Town, SA!

South African College of Music, host of the 2014 IASJ Jazz Meeting

Drum roll please! We've just heard from the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz) host school that they have picked Lorenzo Perez, bass student from Northwest Vista College, to participate in the 2014 International Jazz Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa. Congratulations, Lorenzo! Read all about it...


A professor of jazz studies at the University of Cape Town’s South African College of Music, Prof. Mike Rossi, has presented a successful bid to host the International Association of Schools of Jazz in Cape Town in 2014. Rossi and his students, Zeke Le Grange and Darren English, attended and performed at the 21st annual meeting of the International Association of Schools of Jazz – IASJ in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in July. Delegates from 40 institutions from 19 countries attended the event. At the meeting, Rossi performed, lectured and presented a successful bid to host the IASJ meeting in Cape Town in 2014.

In his words, he explains what it means to UCT and jazz lovers to host the event: Why is it such a big deal for UCT – and Cape Town – to host the IASJ conference? This is the first time in the IASJ’s history, which presents a meeting and a conference each year, that the meeting will be held on the African continent. Read more >>

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A-JAM 2014 - Winning Combo Announced!

And the members of the winning 2014 A-JAM combo are...

Tania Reyes, voice (Northwest Vista College)

Andrew King, saxophone (Northwest Vista College)

Luis Gonzalez, guitar (San Antonio College)

Isaiah Cosey, piano (St Philip's College)

Lorenzo Perez, bass (Northwest Vista College)

Odie Wallace, drums (Northwest Vista College)  

Congratulations to all! We're excited about spending next term with this talented group of students. Special thanks to all who auditioned for the program, and to Richard Oppenheim for adjudicating. If you did not get into the program this year, don't be disheartened. Stay in touch, keep practicing, and try again next year...

One of our lucky A-JAMmies will be honored with an invitation to the annual Jazz Meeting of the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz), which takes place this year in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa from June 22-27. S/he might even get to ride the Jammie Shuttle.
Thanks again to all the applied teachers and jazz program directors for sending students and spreading the good word. Here's hoping we'll be able to bring one of our superb teacher/performers to the 2015 IASJ meeting in Portugal. Stay tuned...
Stay in touch! Follow this blog via email by clicking the box on the right, and like A-JAM on Facebook. Could be YOU next year...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall Music Fest! And A-JAM auditions...

Hey, people, it's time
This Wed and Thursday.
Celebrate our students and
Support our A-JAM program... :-)

And don't forget that
Come by, bring a tune...